Tito with his Family

May 6, 2015, a woman with a young child arrived at my home to owner surrender a Boston terrier. She told me that he, Zane, was not good with children. She was given Zane two months prior. I brought Zane in to meet my four Boston terriers and he did great. One of the first things he did was go out the doggy door.

Just watching Zane I knew that he was special. I took him to my vet, Dr. Brown, to be scanned for a microchip. Sure enough he was chipped and it was done in Florida. We called the company and wrote down the information available. I immediately called both numbers in Florida which were no longer working, I then sent a message to the email on file for Zane’s owner. I asked if the had lost a dog and if so, what breed. Within a couple of hours Zane’s owner answered and said he had lost a black and white Boston terrier named Tito. We emailed back and forth until he called. To my surprise, in our conversation I learned he worked at the Air Force base a few miles away. Tito’s owner’s name is Julio and he was picking Tito up within a few hours of us contacting him.

Tito remembered his master/Dad and was so happy to see him. Julio took him home where his two human brothers and a sister were reunited. Tito had been missing for 10 months. Julio is in the Air Force and was transferred from Florida to Oklahoma–he had been deployed for 6 of the 10 months that Tito was missing.