Max with Tammie and Jason

Beau/Max was saved from a high kill shelter. He was adopted by a wonderful couple June 6, 2015.

About a week later Tammie called to say that they needed to return Max. The apartment complex where they lived required a deposit. They were sad to give Max up but couldn’t afford the pet deposit, right now. I said I would be happy to take him. When they arrived with Max he remembered us but he was confused. Max was so depressed having lost those he loved. After two days of him laying around moping I called Tammie. I told her of Max’s depression and that I would gladly loan them money to pay the deposit.

Tammie’s husband Jason didn’t want to have that commitment until I explained that they could pay me when they could and that Max’s health was more important than the money for the pet deposit. A couple of hours later Tammie and Jason were here to get their little boy.

Max was so exited to see them and was ready to go home.

We do all that we can to see families reunited with their pets.

– Sally