Our Story

The love of the breed led to adoption, but the love of the dog led to starting a rescue.

Oklahoma Boston Terrier Rescue Society was founded in June, 1998. Gizmo became a family member August of 1997 when he was 4 ½ months old. A month later Peanut joined our family when she was 4 months old.


Gizmo and Peanut brought so much joy and entertainment to our lives. June of 1998, I was watching my pair of Boston terriers at play and decided to go to the Oklahoma City animal shelter just to see if there were any Boston terriers available for adoption.

Lo and behold, Max was just put on the adoption floor.  This poor little boy was so skinny and scared; I knew he needed to be saved. After giving it some thought, I went back with the adoption donation to bring Max home. I have met many Boston terrier owners via  the internet, Bostons in Common. One of my friends from South Dakota met me in Nebraska so they could adopt Max. So the story begins….