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It has also facilities for swimming, basketball and pelota. Daniel Aquino on the breeding site where we had a close encounter with the buffalos. A variety of rice wine is produced at the center. The position of the '' marker on the map is: From the main building of the center, we were brought by Dr.

Science city of munoz

If you do not have a free flickr account, then you need to create one. Annabelle Sarabia who discussed some of the major roles of the center. As of , about 3. The materials on display are preserved and maintained to promote the cultural heritage of the Filipinos in Central Luzon. He also showed us the tally board of the number of carabaos in the center as well as the amount of milk that is being produced. The address above cannot be found, please try again. Through the PCC's 13 stations across the country, technology transfer on the care and production of carabaos, and teaching and encouraging rural families to engage in carabao enterprises are also pursued. Otherwise, the pictures should appear after hours. These water buffalos at the gene pool look hugely different from the native carabaos that weigh and average of kg while native dam gives a milk yield of a average of 1. The genetic transformation being done by the PCC, after conducting thorough research and development is through the production of semen from imported bulls and its distribution for artificial insemination to native carabaos. If you have pictures of this location, then please email them to photo. It was in , under Executive Order No. After the upload is complete, it will ask you to add titles, tags and descriptions. Some of Milka Krem products: They will automatically be resized appropriately. Flickr Upload Uploading picktures to flickr. CLSU Concrete Tank Culture for Tilapia - Science City of Munoz, Nueva Ecija This one-of-a-kind breeding farm showcases intensive culture of tilapia in concrete circular tanks, with provisions for continuous water exchange and aeration. Just go to flickr and click the 'Create your account' button. The center also uses reproductive biotechnology called embryo transfer technology, or the test-tube technique. It takes three generations or 15 year to produce quality animals from cross breeding or to attain Not a city having lab equipment as landmarks or having a park with the Periodic Table etched on the terrazzo. If you are a flickr user, then see the flickr section below. Daniel Aquino on the breeding site where we had a close encounter with the buffalos. A variety of rice wine is produced at the center. If you had to create your account, then you must upload at least five pictures. Buffalos of Philippine Carabao Center.

Science city of munoz

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The educational tour best described the daily routine of the people and the major contributions of the products and results of these research and developments being taken place in the city.

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