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I miss my Justy Bunny so much it hurts. Everyone has their own vision of heaven. He was a humble, simple guy — never wanted or needed much. She wanted him to know that she manged, that they were OK. She asked me share it. He had the prettiest blue eyes and lashes that would make any girl jealous. He saw his first smile, first laugh, celebrated his first birthday and saw his first steps. He was an impressive impersonator, a true comedian and funny prankster.

Nicest boobs contest

It blossomed like only the prettiest flower could. It was the proudest day of my life. I corresponded a little with Ali in the weeks that followed our shoot. We gravitated towards each other and officially started dating on January 27th, While he was exceptional at so many things, he disliked attention on himself. As a young boy, he grew a fondness for animals, especially dogs and turtles. He never put himself first. We had a love that some can only hope for. Maybe that is why God gave us somewhat of a quick and surprised pregnancy, so that Justin could experience fatherhood and the love of his son before coming to heaven. In his short time on earth he accomplished so much. He was funny and a true southern gentleman. Instead I got a story that began with a phone call at the end of November from a young woman in Kentucky named Ali. My roommate ended up becoming friends with one of his suite mates and we all started hanging out more. I am not quite sure how I can possibly go on, but I have to for our son. We talked about how her husband died liver failure from an as-yet-to-be-determined cause. I promise to raise him to be a person you are proud of. Justin was my college sweetheart. She wants the world to know how fabulous her husband was and rightly so. So on the last day of November on a partly cloudy evening, I photographed Ali and Ben doing their thing. He was the nicest man, the most loving husband and the absolute best daddy. He began playing varsity tennis in the 4th grade and went on to win three consecutive regional titles during his high school years. When we do these activities, Justin will always be in our thoughts. One day she emailed me the eulogy she wrote for her husband. As a journalist, I wanted to know more. It was the happiest day of my life. We talked about motherhood, writing, photography backdrops and her resemblance to the actress Monica Potter. As the author of this wacky blog, I expected to receive wacky stories ripe with sarcasm.

Nicest boobs contest

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That is the one thing that can never be taken from us — the beautiful memories we created together. We had crazy, fun, intense and enduring love.

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