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ABO is a classification of human blood group based on the presence or absence of A or B antigens. So mismatching blood transfusion can be fatal. Very few do not have it and hence are Rh negative. Rh D looks violent only because, attack on Rh D can cause serious complications in the baby. I laugh every time I see them write something as if they knew something about all other peoples. It is only that while some of them cause no harm, some cause mild issues, and the ones like Rh D can be severe. So in such cases such evolution is useful to the body in areas affected by Malaria even though it may cause problems in those kids where the gene becomes active. For instance, Sickle Cell anemia is a fatal disease where RBCs sickle up causing life threatening complications. How can you construct a two-hour special about Yetis around a case that has nothing to do with monsters at all?


Do they really think they are fooling people?! This suggests that there might be an evolutionary advantage in this European population over NOT having Rh D antigen, than having it. The Killer Lives director] Neil Rawles too. But before that one more fact. In evolution, the immune system has been trained only to accept its own antigens, anything foreign will be attacked by the immune system, and Rh D is not an exception, nor is the only case of its kind. I understood that he was making a program to fit the solution of the puzzle under the ready answer. Subscribe today in print or digitally! I was interviewed by [Russian Yeti: So if your blood has only A antigens, then your blood group is A, if it has only B antigens, then your blood group is B, if it has both of these, then your blood group is AB, and if it has neither, then your blood group is O. Huge, terrifying, tongue-eating monsters. Rh D is just another normal antigen and there are lot many antigens similar to Rh D. Now there are various useful sugars and proteins on the surface of our red blood cells, which our immune system might otherwise mistake to be foreign bodies and generate antibodies to kill them. In this program, hosts Mike Libecki and Maria Klenokova set out to solve the Dyatlov Pass incident—or rather, to pretend on air that it had something to do with the Yeti. However, the main Rh classification is based on one single antigen of special importance, called the D antigen. Probably a photograph of a member of the party. With its short, rather thin arms, it looks a lot like a person in a coat. The Rh Blood Group Classification The second most important classification of human blood group is based on Rh antigens. Yet there is no official record of any military presence in the area when the hikers died—begging the question, was the yeti expedition actually ended? Which is why in case of an emergency when there is no time to match for any other antigen reactions, O-ve is the safest blood transfusion that can be done without any prior tests because of the absence of A, B and Rh antigens in it. It is introduced with stark onscreen text: So mismatching blood transfusion can be fatal. Where did the Rh negatives come from? When it comes to the paranormal, media producers are delighted to untether themselves from all responsibility. Its only that in this case it is not life threatening, while in the case of Rh D it can be life threatening to the baby. And hence, such humans evolved to be Rh negative. Does this mean lactose intolerant population are from an alien ancestry? Back to the alien blood group theory which states that If all mankind evolved from the same ancestor their blood would be compatible.


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It is interesting to note that Rh -ve or the absence of Rh D producing genes is common in the European population, even though it is rare in rest of the world. Very few do not have it and hence are Rh negative.

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