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You get Selective Bidding, described in the Optimization section. Moreover, you can optimize your publishers. The same can be said about the average price per click for the targeting you set. According to your needs, you can choose the date in which your campaign will go LIVE and the date in which it should be stopped. You can choose only one Language per one campaign. Wondering about the changes regarding the targeting, such as GEO, browser, language, devices, and Operating Systems? You want users to click your link! It allows you to raise your bid on the most successful placements, ads, GEOs, Operating Systems, Browsers and lower the bid on the ones with poor results.

Mgid advertising

Guide MGID Native Advertising Review For Advertisers MGID is a leading native advertising platform and a global pioneer allowing advertisers, affiliate marketers, online stores, web marketers and publishers to connect and take advantage of the high-quality content promotions. Available through phone or email, MGID responds to inquiries relatively rapidly, and most likely faster than some of the other advertisement networks you may have worked with. The title should make the visitor understand about the product or service as soon as they see it. Use it in case you need to set up UTM tags or add a click id token from your Network in the custom tracking tag, if you want to set a Postback in the next block. Display ads through MGID and similar networks are ideal for publishers with large traffic numbers or an audience willing to engage and place clicks. As for other languages, it can take up to 72 hours. The campaign creation process is comprised of 7 blocks. It would be nice to have payment options outside of bank wires and PayPal, but to be fair these are likely the payment methods which most publishers will prefer. Remember when we mentioned the dayparting option? These can really become your gold mine! First, Native; second, Native and, third, Native Ad! This usually is 4. MGID has pretty much the classic options: Tracking Tags This block is not your Postback tracking yet. There are a lot of them on the list. The same can be said about the average price per click for the targeting you set. Primarily English, however other languages are allowed Prohibited Publisher Content: However, there are a few caveats one should keep in mind: The Selective Bidding is a very interesting feature. Getting registered with MGID advertising platform is pretty much easy and simple. Multiple traffic and monetization options on the same platform, easily integrated widgets, no cap on RPM or recirculation figures, low minimum payment, good customer support. This means the ads of the second campaign will be shown only to the relevant users. Wanna be able to read a description for all the available tokens of MGID? Phone calls are returned relatively quickly and emails will be answered—depending on what you ask you may get boiler plate responses, but the inclusion of an account manager means that you have a real person who you can discuss the intricacies of your account and website with. PayPal, bank wire transfer Payment Terms: This is what your actual dashboard will look like. Insert the URL of your offer.

Mgid advertising

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MGID Traffic Exchange - How it works

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You can breakdown your data by country, region, operating system or simply by individual ads. Here are the advertising formats you can find on MGID:

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