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We are leaving feeling a part of something larger: Go with the flow. We highly recommend this place in Djerba. Stay for more than two days! Thanks Amine and family!


Learn the local languages. Amines family went out of their way from the start of our trip to seamlessly arrange accommodations for us, when an unexpected guest arrived with his family very sick, and in search of refuge, amines family offered to house them days before our arrival Not only did their family give to someone in need, but they also arranged for us to stay in another hotel. We highly recommend this place in Djerba. Go with the flow. We did not spend much time in our apartment, as the real magic was in the human connections that formed in our brief two days on the gorgeous island. The only drawback is that there is only AC in the salon not the bedrooms. You have to turn the gas on. He welcomed us and helped us settle into the apartment. If you wish to hire a car for a day to explore the whole island which we did , there are several agencies within 10 mins walk which offered good rates. Armine and the family were easy to communicate with and available if we needed anything. There are plenty of taxis to grab nearby and I liked being in an authentic local neighborhood down a dirt road. Amine's place was absolutely incredible. Amine, the host, was not in town but his brother picked us up at the louage station and his father handed over the house. We arrived to Djerba with this one expectation but are leaving with SO much more. We feel as though we received The host is wonderful and very nice. Thanks Amine and family! Allow yourself to meet the locals and experience what they have to offer. Selem or selemalacoom thank you: House is clean, people is nice. Stay for more than two days! The cottage is very tidy and spacious, the beds very firm, a nice little patio to sit outside if you like. Initially we embarked on this journey to see one thing: Very nice cafe across the road for morning coffee. Mon logement est parfait pour les couples, les voyageurs en solo, les voyageurs d'affaires et les familles avec enfants.


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Food prices all over Djerba are delightfully low in comparison, if you are coming from Canada, US, and likely the west in general. There are plenty of taxis to grab nearby and I liked being in an authentic local neighborhood down a dirt road.

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