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Since this sign exalts Uranus, he will be interested in technology and computers, but usually his focus is turned to the discovery of his own depth. Depending on his previous relationships, he can be quite open on the first date and show his true self immediately, or be hard to crack, always on the watch of getting hurt again. And because of the obsessive trait we covered earlier, the body image issues often become amplified. Be courageous, argue fairly and hold your ground when necessary. Remember that a Scorpio, more often than not, has an ability to look through lies and prevarications.

I love my scorpio man

Possessive The Scorpio man is extremely possessive and suspicious. If he is really into you and serious about having a happy future, he will be a very trustworthy and loyal partner. A Scorpio man is a master of mind games and manipulation. The key is to be a willing and partner. Most of the Scorpios I have met have strong beliefs positive or negative and are passionate about expressing them. This is why this man will often end up with other Water element representatives or even better — Earth signs. He Has Great Stamina You may also notice that your Scorpio man likes to undertake activities that involve a good deal of strength or that require a lot of stamina. Scorpio man in love and relationships The good, bad, and ugly on the Scorpio man Are you attracted to a Scorpio man? No, but I'd like to. He has a memory of an elephant When you enter into a relationship with a Scorpion dude, you need to know they have powerful memory banks short and long term. Once you crack that "tough guy" shell, there are few star signs more devoted or loyal in love. Nelly is a proud Scorpio. An example can be found in dream interpretation , where Jung used mysticism to help extract meaning Jung, Generally speaking, Scorpios are highly competitive. Many are employed in careers such as healthcare, psychology, criminology, finance, and engineering. The more you fly your freak flag, the more he pledges allegiance. In turn, this can leave a mate feeling neglected. The men are born leaders and are usually very assertive and dominant. It is extremely difficult to understand what goes on inside a Scorpio's brain. This man has to deal with unusual emotional depth, leading to his extreme sensitivity and his need to close his heart in order not to get hurt. The second type of Scorpio just goes for it. However, the second thing is not done by most of them. In simple-speak, water signs are deep. Scorpio men prefer to be the caretakers This can pose a real problem for other signs who are also caretakers, such as Cancer. With the right woman, a Scorpio man will be the most romantic and ardent lover any woman can have. The problem stems from being majorly territorial.

I love my scorpio man

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How to understand a Scorpio man-He wants to own your soul

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Like many people, Scorpios who don't express their interest are afraid of rejection. The main difference between Scorpio and Aries, also ruled by Mars is in the fact that Scorpio is a feminine sign, turned to the emotional sexual connection rather than anything else.

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