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I'm not sure if this helped you out. Anything less than that just isn't worth it. Put yourself first Take your own advice you give your friends when they're are going through a breakup — you don't need to stick around. During my first years of elementary school, my teachers enjoyed my creativity and enthusiasm. It was apparent at an early age that I was gifted with an abundance of energy. This got me thinking and I believe sometimes I do that without thinking. Some of the best advice I ever received was to "Soften my stance. From the strict schools of my youth, I went straight to University, not knowing about the other options that were out there.

Feeling stifled

I know going through the feelings will be difficult but hopefully you will come out of the process with renewed spirit. My parents walked back to find that my desk had been placed behind a folding screen. Repressing your feelings is kind of dishonesty with your self. Listen to your gut and be true to yourself. I am trying my hardest not to be angry at everyone and thus just make isolation inevitable. It is only through going inward, specifically through practices of meditation and being present, that I can access long lasting freedom that endures, regardless of my outward circumstances. When you live in a jail-mentality for the bulk of your life, you get out into the big wide world and feel utterly lost. Is it inside us? And imagine even after all that, recognizing that you can still have freedom because it is in the mind. For others, school feels like jail. There were strict rules governing what you could wear and eat and what was expected from you. Dedicate your time and energy to where you feel your heart is leading you! Everything is so new, so we are like babies enthralled by our surroundings and naturally we get out of our head and are deeply connected to the moment. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. For a FREE guide to starting and finishing your dream projects and weekly inspiration, sign up with Tova at tovapayne. If we can look backwards to learn from our past problems, then we can we look forward to knowing that we will create new solutions--although we may not yet know how. I don't think it would be healthy for me to repress my emotions at this point. For some people, their community feels like jail. Acting with this in mind is the only way to act how you really want. I now recognize that my fascination stemmed from my feelings about living in a jail of sorts during my youth. I have found that ultimately it's the inner journey that leads to lasting freedom. If you are looking to enhance the freedom in your life, take some time to pause from your day and practice being fully present with the moment as it is. I like people to be in a good mood so I enjoy making people feel good and peaceful, comfortable and generally well. However, the outward journey only took me so far. It is, in effect, living a meditation.

Feeling stifled

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