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All four players may bid. Three-handed pinochle[ edit ] In Three-handed pinochle [8] each player plays for him or herself. Some varieties accept a "round house", kings and queens of each suit, and earn a bonus 10 points awarding a total of points. There are various forms of misplay: This section does not cite any sources.

Define pinochle

The original version of pinochle involves a partial deal of twelve cards to both players in packets of four, leaving a stock of 24 cards. The player can either keep that card for her or his hand or reject the card. Card-Fault Misdeal If at any point during melding or play it is determined that a non-standard deck is being used, any player may declare a card-fault misdeal. Renege[ edit ] Any time a player accidentally misplays during the play portion of the hand, it is called a renege. Trick-taking commences and continues until all held cards have been played. Technical Misdeal If a player is dealt 13 or more non-counters and no aces, the player may declare a technical misdeal. Play continues normally in terms of scoring and trick taking. A technical misdeal nullifies all points melded for all players. If two non-bidders exceed points on the same hand, then either of the other methods apply. If two players exceed points on the same hand, the contest lengthens to points. Looking at the "talon" and losing the hand either by conceding or playing -1 check Playing the hand and losing -1 additional check Not looking at the talon and conceding points. Three pinochle decks with no nines are mixed together, making a pack of cards. There are three methods of resolving ties: One variation has no "leading" requirement for the bid winner or subsequent trick winner to lead a specific card, however the rules of "following" are still observed. All other aspects of the game generally remain the same. August Two-handed pinochle[ edit ] Two-handed pinochle [8] is the original pinochle game, while partnership, auction, and all other variants are derived from it. The traditional trick-taking rules apply only for these last 12 tricks. If either of the two nonbidders misplay, the bidder automatically makes their bid. Five-handed and larger pinochle[ edit ] Games with five hands or more typically modify partnership pinochle in a variety of ways. Bidding commences with the person immediately to the left of the dealer automatically bidding It is the game most similar to the original bezique game, whence pinochle was derived, via the German game of Binokel. One player begins the hand-building process by drawing the top card of the widow. If two players exceed points on the same hand, then the high bidder for that round automatically is declared the winner. Two teams are formed, 20 cards are then dealt to each player and 4 cards are dealt to the blind. Each player is dealt 20 cards, and the rules of double deck pinochle apply, except that the minimum bid is 75, and the last trick is worth 3 points. After viewing the kitty, the highest bidder may concede the hand and take a negative score for the amount of their bid; however, they still must name trump and the other two players score their meld.

Define pinochle

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Four-handed pinochle[ edit ] Four-handed pinochle, or "partnership pinochle" [8] is played with two teams of two players each. Triple deck, six handed pinochle[ edit ] note:

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