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The portrait was unveiled October 3, She later recorded an anniversary album with Sonora Matancera. No one covers what is happening in our community better than we do. Her flamboyant costume, which included: This is to truly fly! She had no children with him. In October , Telemundo premiered an episode docu-drama based on Cruz's life, Celia. However, Puente and Cruz later joined the Vaya Records label. The result for South Florida:


The stations became cousins when ownership consolidated in — a move opposed by advocates of dialogue with Cuba who feared the airwaves would be dominated by hardliners. The moves are part of an effort by Univision, which owns both stations, to launch a new, national AM radio network dubbed Univision America on the Fourth of July. In , Cruz left the group and in , Cruz and Tito Puente began an association that would lead to eight albums for Tico Records. With a voice described as operatic, Cruz moved through high and low pitches with an ease that belied her age, and her style improvising rhymed lyrics added a distinctive flavor to salsa. The question is whether the audience will follow favorite broadcasters. But it may work. She often won cakes and also opportunities to participate in more contests. However, one of her teachers told her that as an entertainer she could earn in one day what most Cuban teachers earned in a month. After high school she attended the Normal School for Teachers in Havana with the intent of becoming a literature teacher. And with a digital subscription, you'll never miss a local story. Soon her name was bigger than the band's. After her death, her body was taken to Miami's Freedom Tower , where more than , fans paid their final respects. Cruz attempted to return when her mother died in , but was not granted government permission. In the tradition of Cuban advocacy journalism, the station featured callers on the air who were sometimes cut off if they were rude or disagreed with the host. She later recorded an anniversary album with Sonora Matancera. During the s, Cruz began to garner the international recognition that was her due, she made many tours in Latin America and Europe, doing multiple concerts and television shows wherever she went, and singing both with younger stars and stars of her own era. Multiple vigils occurred worldwide in cities such as Havana, Miami, and Cali the Cali vigil became notorious in Colombian history due to its three-day span. The portrait was unveiled October 3, The exhibit highlights important moments in Cruz's life and career through photographs, personal documents, costumes, videos, and music. Personal life[ edit ] During July , following the revolution in Cuba, La Sonora Matancera was on tour in Mexico when the band members decided to settle in the United States. Castro vowed that none of the artists would ever be allowed back to Cuba. Cruz's album with Johnny Pacheco , Celia y Johnny, was very successful, and Cruz soon found herself in a group named the Fania All-Stars , which was an ensemble of salsa musicians from every orchestra signed by the Fania label owner of Vaya Records. Cruz and her husband, Pedro Knight , were prohibited from returning to their homeland and became citizens of the United States. Cruz became a US citizen in and a year later married Sonora's trumpet player Pedro Knight, who became her manager and musical director. She also made three albums with Willie Colon , , In , the station broke the news that Cuba would allow exiles to travel to the island by sea to pick up relatives — launching the Mariel boatlift. The station continues to feature moderate conservative to conservative hosts.


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There are four other similar dedications to Cruz around the world. During the performance she sang "Bemba Colora'.

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