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Their union is likely to be a stimulating one on many levels. A Libras favorite subject however is often themselves. Aries March 21 — April 19 These two signs oppose each other in the zodiac and are complete opposites in life as well. Artistic in nature, just as an artist reflects the truth within the one who perceives, so too Libra reflects this truth. Venus is about the beauty of romance, and The Sun is about invigorating life spreading warmth. They will also enjoy pursuing and sharing their individual ideas and pursuits with each other. The Lion will take pride in the way you care about your appearance, your home and your reputation. What we love in our partners echoes what we love in ourselves. They both want to avoid conflict and are compatible with each other.

Compatible sign for libra woman

When out of balance they can be argumentative, stubborn and easily frustrated. In Astrology, Venus rules social pursuits, the arts, adornment, luxury, self-indulgence and pleasure. In love, Libras are superb listeners. But if you clash, the fireworks will be seen miles away. As a cardinal air sign, Libras are objective and work from the mind, initiating communication. Anyone who shows interest in the subject of them will immediately win them over. If you want nothing more than to be seen on the arm of a successful man, then the Goat is your best bet. What a wonderful match this can be, with Sagittarian fire driving Libran ambitions. What we loathe in our partners is what we hate in ourselves. Falling in love with love, the Libra born romantics will be quick to find a partner, even if they are not the perfect match. Gemini May 21 — June 21 This is an ideal match for Libra. This is true outside of the bedroom as well. In the end, the Bull could simply prove too stubborn and too unwilling to change to make a long-term relationship viable. Both of these air signs are fun and playful especially in the bedroom! The scales hold the lessons of relationships, harmony, justice, balance and equality. Sagittarius November 22 — December 21 The Libra woman has dreams, but does not always know the best way to realize them. That's because people are more than just their sun sign. You sacrifice for the marriage, the relationship, the partnership, and in doing so you are greatly rewarded. They are often indecisive, weighing and balancing, which at at its best represents justice, fairness and objectivity … yet at its worst it has to do with a difficulty making or sticking with a decision caused by ambivalence, being connected both here and there. The two Signs coming together form the basic foundation of relationships — warmth and passion. This seventh sign of the zodiac adores fairness, with a gentle refined nature. She wants all the vices of romance … the flowers, candy, champagne, travel, etc. The Libra woman will also be attracted to the Scorpio male's burning glances. Polished and refined, charming, harmonious, diplomatic, easy-going nature Best Quality: Diplomatic, Libras love justice and are naturally great mediators.

Compatible sign for libra woman

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10 Best Zodiac Combinations For Relationships

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They have a great need for love and frequently do not feel complete until they are settled in a permanent relationship. At the same time, she needs to be treated as an equal and can't stand being put down or treated badly.

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