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Tasted like a fresh ice pop with no additional sugar. Then one early morning in March, I received a pleasant surprise from the dining room manager: Almond-fizz with Amarena-LYO - almond foam with dehydrated raspberry. Was it that obvious? Coconut Sponge-cake - a two-bite sized weightless cloud of coconut foam. We will certainly be returning to Altitude in the future and hope to see you again. Again very light with the sweetness. Unfortunately, all I could do was pray. When I learned of the restaurant's closing in , I became even more anxious.

Bulli glass

Sugar cane - sugar cane soaked in raw ginger and speckled with salt. With this course, everyone at the table closed their eyes in enjoyment. The demand has been extraordinary and [it] is difficult to go on with the management. Caviar cream with hazelnut caviar - at first this dish looks like two types of caviar. Thanks so much again for hosting us, our night was so much more than we could have hoped for! This was neither good nor bad -- sort of neutral -- but a very unique way to play with this flavor only found in pieces of the whole fruit. The resemblance to the real fruit was remarkable, each seed perfectly etched. It was sweet and tasted like lobster. Again very light with the sweetness. The concept of this was awesome. The concept was great, reminiscent of hiking through the woods and pulling off pine needles. When we bit into this, it didnt squeak like frozen ice, rather it fell apart like cold sand. The pigeon was so lightly cooked that the interior was essentially raw; I'd guess no more than a few seconds on the grill. Our waitress recommended that we drink the concdntrated soup first to accentuate the flavor of the shrimp. On the plate, it looked like a work of art. This just seemed kind of random. The sweet shrimp made the soup taste like shrimp brain -- one of my favorite flavors -- while the soup highlighted the sweetness of the raw shrimp. There was even a slightly chlorinated flavor, likely from the acidulation of the foam from added carbon dioxide. I thought this was not only delicious, but a brilliant use of a french press to make dashi. It was indistinguishable from a fresh mojito once the flavors mixed in my mouth. When we finally arrived, nearly a year later, the restaurant was not what I expected. Sometimes fresh ingredients need nothing more than a second serving. The price was amazing for what is included our main meal was quite large in size which everyone found very well cooked and filling which I got a lot of praise for having good meal. Everything about the venue was perfect, the friendly staff and service were great. Dried shrimp omelette - a pancake crafted from pure shrimps and their shells.

Bulli glass

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