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Hispanic or Latino of any race were 0. For every females, there were The area has been developed with a Super Wal-Mart and numerous strip malls , and a medical center operating along U. There were 2, housing units at an average density of The population density was History[ edit ] Bluefield has not always borne the name Bluefield. The median age was 45 years.

Bluefield va area code

The median age was 45 years. Later, after coal was discovered and a company was formed to build a railroad to the coalfields, the community's name was changed again to "Graham" to honor Col. For every females age 18 and over, there were Graham operated under that name until a referendum on June 10, , voted to change its name to Bluefield, Virginia. As the largest town in Tazewell County, Virginia , Bluefield has expanded since the s and the first decade of the new millennium. The Great Depression of the s caused development in the region to come to a halt. In the town, the population was spread out with The name change was celebrated in a mock marriage ceremony held in the city park between officials of Bluefield, Virginia, and Bluefield, West Virginia, to celebrate the renaming of Graham. The average household size was 2. There were 2, housing units at an average density of Thomas Graham, a Philadelphia capitalist. For every females, there were As a result, Bluefield, West Virginia grew at a much faster rate than did Graham. The town developed around a small post office named "Pin Hook" in the s, named for a small creek that ran through the community. The current Bluefield did not start to expand beyond the downtown area until the s, when it annexed the small town of West Graham, Virginia to the west. It also began to develop land in the more open rural foothills to the south of the city. It has been mentioned by musicians in numerous songs, including Blessed Union of Souls ' "Oh Virginia". After a series of devastating floods in the early 21st century, the town has relocated its town council chambers and police department from the flood-prone historic downtown area to the southernmost point in the city at the foot of East River Mountain. The area has been developed with a Super Wal-Mart and numerous strip malls , and a medical center operating along U. Its community had borders then that are roughly the same as the downtown area alongside the railroad of today's Bluefield, Virginia. The racial makeup of the town was The population density was The town was first chartered by the Commonwealth of Virginia as the town of Graham in There were 2, households out of which The Norfolk and Western railroad chose Bluefield, West Virginia over Graham out as the place to build its regional headquarters and main docking yards for the Pocahontas region. Graham continued to hope for development as a major city in the region; it tried to attract a steel refining industry alongside the railyards.

Bluefield va area code

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