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It is one of the few Disney princesses who actually does something important. Venus Venus was the goddess of love and romance. On second glance, it has a hip, badass sound to it that would make it perfect for a strong, empowered daughter. In Hebrew, it is often translated as night monster, storm goddess or ghost. As far as name popularity, Langley has never ranked on the top 1, list. People with the name Celestia tend to be very idealistic, creative, intuitive, and spiritual. You could also create nicknames using this name like Little Bear. Annie Oakley Annie Oakley was an amazing hunter.

Badass baby girl names

In addition to being a suffragist and a journalist, she also campaigned against lynching. The name is straightforward and easy to spell but also conveys a very glamorous and fancy vibe. Celeste Celeste has a heavenly, celestial ring to it. Beretta Beretta would be an incredibly badass, hip name. For the right boy, it could be unisex. Allistair is often an old soul with a big mission to succeed in life. Mercury Mercury was the messenger god in Greek mythology. They are creative and artistic and have a passion for life. If you name your daughter this, I foresee many, many balloons in her future. It can also be spelled Berkeley, like the popular town. It was also famous for being in a Police song and was later used as the name of the main character in Chicago. The character Bay is beautiful, artistic, and spunky. Back then, it was spelled de Berchalai. Galactica If you loved Battleship Galactica and want a space-oriented name, this is a good choice. While that was a decrease from the previous year, this name was not even on the radar back in Vapor Vapor sounds like another comic book name. Lux debuted in Hollywood when Kirsten Dunst had a character of the same name in the brilliant novel-based movie The Virgin Suicides. Over the years, it has often been a representation of loyalty and faithfulness. Lilith Lilith comes from Hebrew. This name will hopefully find its way to popularity soon. In the movie, Mulan saves all of China by disguising herself as a man and joining the army to defeat the Huns. Buffy Buffy is the famous name of the main character in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which makes this another awesome naming option. The name currently does not rank on the list. They enjoy looking at the details of an operation and getting a feel for the big picture later on. It is also the name of a social activist and writer Raden Adjeng Kartini. They like being the center of attention and captivating hearts.

Badass baby girl names

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This would be the perfect name for an athlete or business owner. Blaze Blaze could also be spelled as Blaise.

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