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Socrates of Constantinople believed that Arius was influenced in his thinking by the teachings of Lucian of Antioch , a celebrated Christian teacher and martyr. For going out of the imperial palace, attended by a crowd of Eusebian partisans like guards, he paraded proudly through the midst of the city, attracting the notice of all the people. Nicene Creed The Council of Nicaea , with Arius depicted beneath the feet of the Emperor Constantine and the bishops The Christological debate could no longer be contained within the Alexandrian diocese. According to some accounts in the hagiography of Nicholas of Myra , debate at the council became so heated that at one point, Nicholas struck Arius across the face. It included the word homoousios, meaning "consubstantial", or "one in essence", which was incompatible with Arius' beliefs. Women doted on him, charmed by his beautiful manners, touched by his appearance of asceticism. When Bishop Alexander died in , Athanasius succeeded him, despite not meeting the age requirements for a hierarch. Arius taught that the Son had a beginning, contrary to Origen, who taught that the Son was less than the Father only in power, but not in time.


Furthermore, Alexander's language, like that of most controversialists in those days, is quite bitter and abusive. During the Protestant Reformation , a Polish sect known as the Polish Brethren were often referred to as Arians, due to their rejection of the Trinity. The express purpose of Alexander's letter was to complain of the doctrines that Arius was spreading but his charge of heresy against Arius is vague and unsupported by other authorities. The Church was now a powerful force in the Roman world, with Emperors Licinius and Constantine I having legalized it in through the Edict of Milan. Pope Sylvester I , himself too aged to attend, sent two priests as his delegates. Arius is believed to have been a student at the exegetical school in Antioch , where he studied under Saint Lucian. It therefore necessarily follows , that he [the Son] had his substance from nothing. He was capable of His own free will, said Arius, and thus "were He in the truest sense a son, He must have come after the Father, therefore the time obviously was when He was not, and hence He was a finite being. For about two months, the two sides argued and debated, [28] with each appealing to Scripture to justify their respective positions. However, because Origen's theological speculations were often proffered to stimulate further inquiry rather than to put an end to any given dispute, both Arius and his opponents were able to invoke the authority of this revered at the time theologian during their debate. The Nicaean formula was a rapidly concluded solution to the general Christological debate that did not have prior agreement. Arius interpreted Alexander's speech as being a revival of Sabellianism , condemned it, and then argued that "if the Father begat the Son, he that was begotten had a beginning of existence: Athanasius was exiled following his condemnation by the First Synod of Tyre in though he was later recalled , and the Synod of Jerusalem the following year restored Arius to communion. Before the main conclave convened, Hosius initially met with Alexander and his supporters at Nicomedia. Jehovah's Witnesses are often referred to as "modern-day Arians" or sometimes " Semi-Arians ", [45] [46] usually by their opponents. Hosius was armed with an open letter from the Emperor: Arius and two of his unyielding partisans Theonas and Secundus [32] were deposed and exiled to Illyricum , while three other supporters— Theognis of Nicaea , Eusebius of Nicomedia and Maris of Chalcedon—affixed their signatures solely out of deference to the emperor. Arius considered the Holy Spirit to be a person or a high-ranking angel, which had a beginning as a creature, whereas the Witnesses consider the Holy Spirit to be God's "active force" or divine "energy", which had no beginning, and is not an actual person. Thus he insisted that only God the Father had no beginning, and that the Father alone was infinite and eternal. Still committed to pacifying the conflict between Arians and Trinitarians, Constantine gradually became more lenient toward those whom the Council of Nicaea had exiled. He was excommunicated by Bishop Peter of Alexandria in for supporting Meletius, [9] but under Peter's successor Achillas , Arius was re-admitted to Christian communion and in made presbyter of the Baucalis district in Alexandria. This controversy centered upon the nature of the Son of God, and his precise relationship to God the Father. Emperor Constantine ordered their burning while Arius was still living, and any that survived this purge were later destroyed by his Orthodox opponents. When Bishop Alexander died in , Athanasius succeeded him, despite not meeting the age requirements for a hierarch. By the time Bishop Alexander finally acted against Arius, Arius's doctrine had spread far beyond his own see; it had become a topic of discussion—and disturbance—for the entire Church. As soon as he is discovered in this offense, he shall be submitted for capital punishment This leads some—but not all—scholars to question their reliability.


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The Seventh Arian Confession Second Sirmium Confession held that both homoousios of one substance and homoiousios of similar substance were unbiblical and that the Father is greater than the Son.

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